If you do a lot of 3d-prints, you know the problem, that you want to run a job, but you don't know, if you have enough filament loaded to the printer.

All the slicer's I know, add a comment line to the gCode-File, where they calculated the usage in meter or millimeter. But I usually order my filament in kilogramms.

To weight the loaded spool on the printer is a very easy way which is doable. Most time you have an empty spool from the same vendor. If you subtract the empty spool from the weight of the loaded spool you get the weight of the filament.

To get from the weight of the filament to the lenght of the filament I built this little calculator.

Input Length or Weight (without units):  Length
 length in mm [without mm]
 weight in kg [without kg]
Material:  ABS
Please insert the name and the density of the Material    density in g/cm^3

You missed to choose a material, so we used PLA to calculate ....
you missed some parameters ....